About us

ChemApproach is a worldwide supplier of the wide variety building blocks (many of these are unique) to R&D facilities in pharmaceutical and agriculture industries, academical institutions, biotechnology, and Hi-Tech companies, etc. Our company is located in Long Island, NY. Our professional team of PhD chemists hold many years of industrial experience in design, development and implementation of projects, as well as experience in synthetic organic chemistry.

We offer a plethora of the substituted aromatic and heterocyclic compounds. Most of our molecules are synthesized as medicinally-relevant and drug candidates. The production scale varies from grams to multi-kilograms quantities.

Our main expertise lies within the introduction of the various substituents to the aromatic rings, large variety of functional group transformations, selective incorporation of halogens in organic molecules, particularly, iodine.

These classes of organic molecules have a wide range of application in:



Polymer chemistry

Electronics and Hi-Tech


Our products have exceptional purity (>98%) which is mostly confirmed by NMR and GC/MS analytical methods. Extra analytical work can be performed (elemental analysis etc) as well. We also provide Certificate of Analysis with complete characteristics of the product.

Since all our products are being manufactured in our facility, we assure high-quality customer support to all the technical inquiries related to our products. Most of them are currently in stock and can be shipped to you within 1-2 business days upon receiving a complete purchase order.

We are constantly working on the development of new products as well on the optimization of the existing products to make them readily available to our customers.